Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will Erap make a difference in 2010 Presidential Election?

Talk of the town that Erap might run for 2010 Presidential Election but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

If this mumbo jumbo runs again, it’d be apocalypse for the country. It would strike us like a lightning and we might not know what hit us!

Former President Estrada said that "If opposition presidential wannabes cannot agree on one candidate, I will run myself. More than one candidate will split opposition votes and they will therefore lose to the administration candidate."

There were some legal issues since Estrada was given pardon by Arroyo. Part of the “bargain” was not being able to run again.

Pulse Asia conducted a nationwide poll based on a July 1 to 14 survey with 1,200 adults. It had a margin of error of plus/minus 3 percent.

Below are the results of the said survey:

Noli De Castro (The Humble Guy) - 22%
Joseph Estrada (The Ex-Convict) - 16%
Senator Francis Escudero (The Bamboo look-alike) - 14%
Senator Loren Legarda (The Bitch) - 14%
Senator Manuel Villar (The Old Guy) - 12%
Senator Manuel Roxas (The Bachelor Forever Guy) - 8%
Senator Panfilo Lacson ( The Philippine's Mafia+Yakuza Guy) - 5%

In an interview with political analyst Tony Gatmaitan, he said that it’s no surprise why Estrada is back in “The MASA” mind, he further explains that it’s a reflection of the people’s nostalgic feeling in these hard times.

"People feel poor. Who will they look to? They’ll look to somebody who they trust," he said. "It’s a question of credibility to the poor, not pro-poor programs."

Is it just me or does the above statements make us dumb? People would want to choose a former leader (Estrada) that had a plunder case and was even convicted over a clearly misunderstood leader (Arroyo) but has some good points though, and she is obviously much more capable of running the country.

"He’s been there before. All the others are still to be proven, " Gatmaitan said. Estrada is the man to beat if he’d run for 2010 Presidential slot.

He’s been there alright and had proven something; he is a BIG DISGRACE! and a HUGE FAILURE!

I’ve got to say this, majority of the Filipinos are stupid! No wonder why foreign people often look down on us. Most would say that we’re “Monkeys!”

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marydane said...

Aren't those people trying to oust Arroyo now the same people who voted her in because Estrada screwed up as President? We are just on a cycle and no President will ever be good enough for us.

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Magsyman said...

Ok. first of all nice work with the descriptions. Hehehehehehe. . . .
The humble guy, the bitch. . . made my day.

I am with you on this one, if erap would again be in the presidential election race, and people would vote for him again, then we would be lower than monkey coz monkeys know whats bad for them.

And whats with all those guys bitching about the president on "Oh, the gas price is rising or
Oh, the they don't give us something shiny. . . Oust the president!" i mean, give her a break, its not that easy to run a country. what would you do if your working and someone is nagging behind you everyday of the week? think about it.

Oh and a word of advice for Mr. Erap, if you do run in the presidential race. . . DON'T please, if your into "its for the people" thing. . . think of the people. . . thank you

Big Fat Monkey

leizlmarie said...

this is another political matter -- same old dirty thing! and i'm too much fed up with the Philippine politics nowadays so i better not leave a very long comment on this matter before my head aches! LoL!