Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Satisfied by Arroyo's SONA?

We’ve heard about the so-called “annual litany of deceit” yesterday during Arroyo’s 8th State of the Nation Address by a Joint Session of Congress at the House of Representatives of the Philippines.

President Arroyo tackled critical issues that the country is facing right now. Issues ranging from Economic growth, Energy, Social Justice, Education to Anti-Corruption. Arroyo also showed graph presentations showing statistics proving her governance had improved the well-being of “Juan Dela Cruz’.

Many were dumbfounded in listening to President Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address. These so-called statistics that the President showed are fictitious, said Senator Lacson. It was quite funny when Senator Pia Caetano described the SONA as “Enchanted”, full of fairy tales! Dwelling from that given statement, I probably would say that Arroyo is a greedy little dwarf along with her allied minions applauding during her speech.

The much anticipated topic about VAT whether Arroyo will remove it or not since others would say that this is the cause of all high prices. Majority of the Filipino feels that VAT is a burden and must be removed.

But Arroyo noted “Take away the VAT and we strip our people of the means to ride out the world food and energy crisis.”

“Leadership is not about doing the first easy thing that comes to mind: It is about doing what is necessary, however hard, “ Arroyo said.

From my own understanding, she stated this since Filipinos are always complaining that they did not feel any improvement despite Arroyo’s efforts. Maybe Arroyo is looking at a bigger picture here, performing drastic measures for the future of “Juan Dela Cruz” even though many disapproved for her odd “tactics” in running the government.

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Didoy said...

hmmm... satisfied only to only one part of SONA.

The 0.50 text!..heheh

steivene said...

HAHA!. Nice one doy!

Unknown said...

It is just a promo and you can't really benefit a lot out from it because it is still the same damn thing...there is a limitation...

leizlmarie said...

50% cut in SMS charges -- just an icing in the SONA?!

what's new? we've enjoyed unlimited and all text promo years ago til now! joke?


steivene said...

its most likely just a hoax!. Naay sun oi..unli call & text tpz 5budgettext(10 txt othr network)..gi promote SUN.ahehe

TiK0Yz said...

ehehhehe....aktibista mn kaayu ka stieve.....hehhehe

steivene said...

Shoc man ta sa imo tikoy..hehe..visit my blog often ok?

TiK0Yz said...

dont worry always jud...hehehehe....tudlui q ninyu buhat blog b...dli ko kabalo....kana untang blog na parehas sa inyu ba....unzaun mna...ok lang mga post nq sa aq blog?ang tinuod lang steive...hehehee