Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bush sends out another vessel, USS Ronald Reagan

President Gloria Arroyo spoke with US President George Bush in the Whitehouse during a 10-day trip to the United States. Bush expressed his deepest sympathy to those families that were victims by Typhoon Frank (international codename: Fenshen).

“I express our deep condolences to those who suffered as a result of the typhoon," he said.

President Bush sends out additional vessel called USS Ronald Reagan to aid the rescuers in search for survivors. The US Pacific Command already ordered the US Navy Ship Stockalm with search and rescue helicopters to assist in the rescue of hundreds of people that were still missing by a half sunken ship caused by Typhoon Frank

Hundreds of people are found dead and several are still missing across the Philippines brought by Typhoon Frank and created a whapping P4.27 billion damage to property. Though the numbers are only estimated by the Manila officials and not concrete.

It was great of the US Government lead by President to help the Phillippine in this time of disaster.

Bush even said that “We want to help our friends in time of need,” said Bush. “And we are happy to do it”.

Let’s all pray for the lost lives, for the missing people and hope that there are still possible survivors waiting to be found.

God Bless us always!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoon Frank rages the Philippine Sea

The Philippines is experiencing the wrath of a super typhoon called Frank(international codename: Fengshen). It’s been days since Typhoon “Frank” arrived in the Philippines causing major damage of some cities and bringing flashflood, landslides, gusty wind and heavy to moderate rainfall over the sections of Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon.

As the Typhoon “Frank” continues to move away farther from the Philippines, unluckily a Ferry came across this raging typhoon, leaving the Ferry vulnerable and exposed to the strong winds and huge waves that came down crushing on them. Renato Lanorias, a crew member of the of the 23,824-ton ferry who survived, recounted the horrible tragedy and can’t overlook the fact that hundreds of bodies were everywhere and he can even hear many children crying in despair before the boat sank.

The MV Princess of the Stars sailed from Manila at 8 a.m. on Friday on a 22-hour trip to Cebu City with 626 passengers and 121 crewmen. Among the passengers were 31 infants and 20 children.

The ferry sank at around 11:45 a.m. Sunday in Sibuyan island in Romblon province.

Despite the stormy warnings, the ferry decided to sail. That was stupid of them putting the lives of the passengers at stake. Maybe because of their arrogance thinking that they have the situation under control.

We all know that we can’t control nature. Well, there goes another tragedy.

Bunch of bastards…

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

President Arroyo visits Davao City

I was surprised that President Gloria Arroyo visited Davao City today.

President Macapagal-Arroyo visited this city to formally open the P206-million Governor Generoso Bridge on Wednesday.

It was a relief to the Davaonoes that the bridge was finished since it collapsed due to a natural disaster. It was definitely a pain in the ass, and I mean literally. My butt is pretty much weary every time I travel, sitting in a jeepney for 1-2 freaki’n hours. That was a nightmare for all of us since it was the main source of traffic and I’m sure that the traffic was killing everybody.

Hopes the bridge will last another century.

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Journalist freed from bandits

It has been 9 days since the seizure happened in Sulu. One of ABS-CBN’s journalists and one of my favorites Ces Drilon has been freed along with her tv crew and MSU professor Octavio Dinampo who served as their guide.

Drion said that she had no suspicion that she would be kidnapped despite the warnings and the danger she was getting in to.

I’m sure it was haunting for Ces and her crew knowing that they had a slim chance that they would make it alive by this terrifying experience. Ces said that she was slapped by the abductors due to the deadline that was given to the authorities regarding the 15 million ransom money that was drawing near. One of Ces crew was also about to be beheaded by the bandits.

I now that they’re just doing their job, being a journalist but of course anyone should know if that place is notorious and it has swarms of bandits living in the outskirts of the city, then they should not expect that they can just run around without getting hurt.

But in the end of it all, everybody was relieved by the outcome.

Well, as for me…“No news is worth dying for”.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Philippines celebrates its 110th independence day

The Philippines celebrates its 110th independence day on June 12, 20008.

I was watching the news (almost everyday) when I realized that today is the Philippines 110th independence day and saw the events and happenings that took place across the different regions of the country, even the Filipinos abroad didn’t pass this momentous event.

As a celebration to its independence day, Filipinos commemorates its liberty by performing ceremonies and activities and these includes President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo unveiling of the flag marker and the flag-raising ceremonies at the Rizal Park, Manila City. The president said that the government withholds a grand parade to welcome its 110th Independence Day celebration since our country is facing hard times due to high price of oil and food, instead they’ll conserve resources so that the government can use the budget to give direct service to the people.

The biggest network here in the Philippines, ABS-CBN also joined the commemoration by launching a program called BAYANIJAUN which is to revive the concept of bayanihan among Filipinos within the country. The program aims to promote the spirit of volunteerism and hopes that this would make a difference in some of the poorest communities in the country through the comprehensive programs.

The BAYANIJUAN was launched simultaneously in all ABS-CBN employees in Manila, Bagiuo, Cebu, Davao and Australia. A 15-minute was shown live on air around (9:30) am.

Surprisingly, MRT & LRT Management offered a free ride during peak hours from 7 to 9 a.m. and from 5 to 7 p.m.. The MRT General Manager Roberto Lastimoso said that this is their way to celebrate and to commemorate Independence Day. That’s a great news for me since “JUAN DELA CRUz” is stressed out by the “high-price of everything” going on these days.

I thought that the Filipinos are all too preoccupied that has been happening lately in our country. With all the “high-price of everything”, people are freaking out but it doesn’t mean that I’m not affected, I’m just surprised that despite all of these stuffs, the Filipinos still had time to celebrate which is a good thing and we should never forget that many lives were lost and most of them were unsung heroes that must be valued. If it wasn’t for them, we’d be SLAVES by some Spanish or American dudes and we wouldn’t want that.

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