Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chief of Police is a 20 year old chick in Mexican Town

Good day everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve spoke my mind in my blogs.

Here’s something that caught my attention, a 20 year old Marisol Valles who is currently studying criminology & would be getting her degree this December was appointed the new Chief of Police in a Mexican town of Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero in Chihuahua State.

Now where the hell would that be? Chihuahua State? Anyways, this brave Mexican chick has already worked as a police secretary & wanted to work in the force, unexpectedly she was appointed as the new Chief of Police. The town’s Mayor Jose Luis Guerrero said that Valles was the most qualified of all the applicants for the top job.

"To those who say we are naive and she doesn't have the experience, we say that the traditional methods have not worked," said Andres Morales, the mayor's chief of staff.

Same thing is happening here in the Philippines, you bet, traditional methods have not worked. Let’s just see if Aquino can change something. I’m watching you Aquino!

Appointing a student was not a gimmick, said Morales: "We never imagined the kind of attention it would get, but we are not complaining. It helps us send a positive message to the community."

Indeed it had reached me, Valles has inspired me & she’s hot although that has nothing to do with what I’m blogging for^_^. I always love a woman in uniform.

This job title is not a work in the park, as we all know Mexico is a killing zone. Drug cartels are criminal organization developed of controlling drug traffic operations. Drug cartels operate around the countries and that includes Mexico.

These crime syndicates are targeting local officials which lead many towns without leaders. It’s like a demonstration to exert pressure & to show them they lack “LAW & ORDER” (I always wanted to use that word^_^)

I almost forgot to mention these minor concerns, 11 mayors have already died this year due to drug cartels & corrupt border agents where they can easily ship drugs & shit.

You’re probably wondering what happened to the previous police chief, well he was just abducted & beheaded and later found his disfigured head in front of the police station, that incident left the Chief of Police post vacant for 1 year.

Hopefully this hot chick chief won’t be raped & chopped into pieces, I’m not being negative here but good luck to her, she badly needs it.

If it was me, I’d decline the offer but I would put a second thought in joining an Assassination Ops. I’d give up everything, you name it; education, love ones, beliefs & even loosing myself. No one can replace the feeling of pulling the trigger.ahhh…ooops, got carried away for sec^_^

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Magsyman said...

I read about this, she's cute, hope nothing bad happens to her. Wish her the best of Luck and more Power, Literally more Power to her.

P.S about that last part . . .
don't go there dude, it's bad. XD

katrine said...

for me.. she better resign and be a plain house wife! :-)